When a Filipino marries a Finn (5 steps you need to know about marriage registration in Finland)

As a Filipino (Pinay/Pinoy) marrying a Finn in Finland, the process of a marriage registration seems too complicated. Unfamiliar regulations and language barriers are just common issues that can frustrate and stress you. But it is not that hard though. In this blog, I will share with you the five steps you need to know about the marriage registration in Finland if you are a Filipino or newly announced Finnish citizen and about to marry a Finn in a civil marriage ceremony.

1. Provide a Certificate of Singleness(CENOMAR)

If your marital status is not officially registered in Finland, you are obliged to show a certificate of singleness (CENOMAR) issued by the rightful official in your country of origin. Though I already have my Finnish citizenship before our marriage, they still asked me to give cenomar. Maybe, because I was already 21 years old when I moved to Finland.

  • The certificate must not be older than four months old and has to be issued by Philippines Statistic Authority (PSA).
  • It has to be authenticated and legalized by two authorities.
  • The certificate of singleness must send first to the nearest Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for authentication or “red ribbon” in Filipino terms.
  • After authentication, you can then send it for legalization at Finland’s Consulate in Manila, Philippines. It is advisable to book an appointment beforehand. If you have a representative, you need to provide an authorization letter addressing the Consulate of Finland in Manila. Please indicate your name as the authorizer, name of the representative, and the purpose of legalization. Your representative must also show a valid ID and a copy of your passport and visa. Legalization costs 30€ (2018 price) and must pay first thru their Philippine’s or Finland’s bank account. Please save a copy of the receipt as a proof of payment. For more info, please visit the Consular Office of Finland, Manila page.

My representative was my father that’s why my letter was already enough. However, there may be instances that you need Special Power of Attorney particularly if you asked a private agency or person to do it for you.

2. File the CENOMAR to the nearest Magistrate Office

Once you have it on your hand, you can send it to the nearest local register office to update your civil status in their population data system.

3. Request for an investigation of impediments to marriage

Together with your partner, you can ask for an investigation of impediments to marriage to the nearest local register office. You can do it either personally or thru online. In Finland, it is mandatory to check any hindrances before the civil union. The investigation takes about seven days. Then, you’ll get a marriage non-impediment certificate issued by Magistrate. It is valid for four months, and you can choose if you want it to deliver to your address, self-pickup, or keep at the local register office until the wedding ceremony.

4. Book a date and time of the actual civil marriage ceremony

You can reserve a date and time via phone, email, or visit the nearest Magistrate Office personally.

5. Marriage Ceremony

Congratulations! You are on the right track. Before the union, the civil officiator will talk privately to both of you. She/He will give a little information about the ceremony and confirm the “official surname” to use by each of you. You must also present valid IDs, the marriage of non-impediment certificate, and at least have two witnesses (at least 15 years of age and above) during the ceremony. It is free of charge if it conducts during office hours at the local register office. The civil ceremony lasts for a couple of minutes but, you can add a personal touch too.

Marriage is a bit stressful especially if you’re unsure of which steps to take in. So, I hope that this blog will guide you and your Finnish partner with your future endeavors. Good luck and congratulations in advance! 🙂

PS: This is based on my experience that’s why I still suggest that you visit Maistraatti page in case that my situation is not the same as yours.

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